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Magen Am is now covering

Orange County

Founded in Los Angeles, and with a branch in Phoenix, Arizona, Magen Am is thrilled to expand its operations to Orange County.

Interested in joining our team? Register for our Virtual Open House taking place on Monday, April 15th at 8:00pm 


Magen Am empowers the community to take responsibility for its own security. We believe that only a community that takes responsibility for its own security can be a truly safe, empowered community.  

Magen Am’s Community Team Member program trains volunteers from the community to become fully licensed, trained and insured security guards. Our CTMs are stewards of security in their communities and are a crucial layer to the safety of the Orange County Jewry.

Our volunteer CTMs undergo 40 hours of training to become state-certified armed guards and then they go through our training program of an additional 100 hours before they are able to go live and active in the community. 

We take a ‘whole of community’ approach to security and training: as it’s incumbent on each and every member of the community to take advantage of training opportunities to enable them to responsibly share the collective burden of keeping Jews safe so that we may live and practice in peace.

Set-Up & Ready to Go

If you are in Orange County and are interested in getting involved, please contact us today.