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Community Patrol & Hotline

This donor supported service provides patrol and response services to Jewish communities experiencing an increase in crime or anti-Semitic incidents. The hotline is manned 24/7/365 and dispatches an armed unit within minutes. Currently we have a full time Hotline and Armed Patrol Service in the La Brea/Hancock Park area. In the 2 years since it was established, our specific patrol area has seen a dramatic decrease in the levels of crime compared to the surrounding neighborhoods.

Current Patrol Area

We have received over 1400 calls to our Patrol Hotline and the patrol vehicles have driven over 75,000 miles. Our patrol operators also work hand in hand with local law enforcement in facilitating arrests, reports, and maximum protection to the community. However, the biggest impact of our patrols is the tangible feeling of safety provided to the community and the deterrence factor for those who would target us.

The Magen Am vehicle and Patrol Guard are both an excellent deterrent and a powerful reactionary force but they are just the tip of the spear. The 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year operation requires an extensive support infrastructure


Our guards receive elite training and utilize top-of-the-line gear, so that we can trust them to handle any scenarios they encounter. They undergo annual training and recertification for the use of numerous weapons, including firearms, taser and pepper spray. Our guards are in continual direct communication with Magen Am headquarters enabling us to deal with any situation that may arise.


In addition to our guards on patrol, Magen Am has a local Community Team Member (CTM) network of more than 40 licensed responders who have received extensive training at the highest level. They act as a force multiplier against any threat to your neighborhood.


Managing, scheduling and communications with the guards and community will be performed by Magen Am support staff, located at our Command and Control center. From here, we are able to monitor dashcam, bodycam, and radio communications, plan routes, analyze crime trends, liaise with law enforcement and more. We also share information between all of our school and shul networks, to keep our patrols on the pulse of everything going on in our community.


Trained dispatchers take calls 24 hours a day and provide real time communications with the Patrol Guards on duty. They are also responsible for following up with callers, creating incident reports, as well as informing and coordinating with law enforcement and other agencies.


Magen Am compiles a daily brief for our guards that includes all known security threats (both publicly known as well as collected through our curated intelligence network). We immediately advise our guards and community leaders directly about any active situation or potential communal threat.


Magen Am guards receive training in Counter-terror, anomaly detection, de-escalation and Jewish Cultural sensitivity, which makes them unique for interacting with the Jewish community. We also provide training to the community, so they are empowered to recognize anomalies and can provide better information to the dispatchers and responding units.


If, G-d forbid, an incident occurs that requires immediate attention, Magen Am is able to push it all the way up the chain of command. We have direct connections at the FBI and Local law enforcement, including the LAPD, Sheriff’s Department, DA’s office and the US Attorney’s office.

Patrol Sign Up

If you live in Los Angeles, learn more about the area in which we patrol and how we can assist in securing you and your family.