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Community Team Members Program

Our Community Team Member (CTM) Program is dedicated to the creation of essential armed security teams at Jewish institutions, comprised of licensed and trained community members. We hold all necessary state licenses and liability policies, we follow all standard regulations set forth by the BSIS and municipal code, and we’ve developed a well-respected training program that is more than double the state-mandated training. This initiative trains synagogue congregants to become licensed security guards through extensive firearms, situational awareness, martial arts, use of force, and first aid training. Once these Team Members complete the process, they act as security guards for their congregations or institutions on a voluntary basis, so that even organizations that cannot afford regularly paid security guards are able to be protected. This almost guarantees dedication, accountability, and reliability that would be lacking by hiring an ‘outside’ guard. It also allows us to dictate a much higher level of training than we would otherwise find.