Israel is at War. Please say Tehillim and increase your Mitzvahs for our Brothers and Sisters. Am Yisrael Chai.

In the News


“As Chaos Erupted During George Floyd Protests in Los Angeles, Local Jewish Security Group Mobilized to Protect Fearful Community”

i24 France

“Magen Am Volunteers, With Military Training, Protect Los Angeles Synagogues From Unprecedented Violence”


“Jewish Group Offers Firearms Training to Keep California Synagogues Secure”

ABC 7 Los Angeles

“I think, now more than ever, it behooves us to spend time together as a community, and come together as a community, and not to let these threats keep us from doing that.”

NBC News

“We can’t put down the phone without picking up the next one,” said a rabbi in Los Angeles who runs a nonprofit group that offers firearm training to the Jewish community.

Jewish Journal

“As Historic Jewish Neighborhoods Were Looted, This Group Sprang into Action”

United With Israel

“Armed Jewish Group Takes Security into its Own Hands in Los Angeles”

“The LA Jewish Community is Thanking Local Police and Increasing Community Safety”

CBS Los Angeles

“Security tightened around Jewish schools, communities due to tension in Middle East.”

Fox Business

Rabbi teaches Los Angeles Jewish community how to defend themselves.